3D Rhinoplasty Imaging

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3D Rhinoplasty Imaging

3D Photographic Imaging for rhinoplasty and ethnic nose surgery in London. This is standard and done as part of your consultation in Harley Street. Free of charge! Call 0207 760 7636

UKĀ Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery London

UKĀ Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery London offer (3D) photographic Imaging for Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery. This state of art new software allows our patients to preview what their nose will look like should they decide to proceed with surgery.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery is a slightly more complex procedure. Consultant plastic surgeon has extensive experience in Ethnic Rhinoplasty nose shaping procedures, because each patients facial features are entirely different and needs a skilled and individualised aesthetic surgical approach. 3D Photographic imaging can be used this is beneficial to the surgeon in helping the patients understand the goals to achieve a satisfactory and happy end result.

Rhinoplasty 3D imaging will be done at consultation with the Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Harley Street London.